Post trip review of phones capabilities.

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Before I forget I wanted to take note of some of the things the phone did well and some of the things that were irritating.

Things done well – GPS , omg this was a life saver when getting lost in Oakland in the middle of the night, even though we were traveling with a garmin gps this phone’s gps worked better and faster in tight places!

Posting photographs through email, very handy and fast !

Wifi and 3 g switching and performance, all worked well, never had any problems connecting to an open wifi or using data well i had signal bars.

Things that irritated, the constant screen that pooped up whle photographing using camera, asking if I wanted to share. They seriously need to put a check box for “do not ask me again” !

The phone would show it needed pc cable connected sometimes when powering up.


Added categories for each day, will be updating tags for locations.

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Posting from the road was easy on my windows 7 phone using the hotmail feature and the wordpress app but making in depth changes to the blog had to wait till i was back on a computer.

I will be adding tags for each location we visited over the next few days, currently you can view each day of the trip using the categories feature found in the right side-bar.

Just Added Video Footage.

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Trip complete

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Me and deb pulled into St. Pete right around 5:15 pm today, long trip and time to relax!

First Florida Rest stop

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18 February, 2011 09:03

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Street, Tallahassee, FL 32303

Hotel paper

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Amazed to find Microsoft app on front page of free USA today left at hotel room door. A tag reader that actually works! Way to go Microsoft . 🙂